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Gunner Whitworth's death was announced in the Burton Observer on the 28th November 1918. He died four days after the end of hostilities, having been suffering from gas-shell poisoning.

"On November the 15th at 11 Stationary Hospital, Rouen, from gas-shell poisoning, Gunner Arthur Whitworth, R F A, aged 23 years, only and dearly loved son of the late Mr William Whitworth and Mrs Whitworth of Etwall."

William Whitworth was a blacksmith in the village, but he had died three years before his son, Arthur's, tragic death. His death is recorded in St Helen's Church records as the 15th November 1915, aged 62, three years, exactly, before his son's death. Mrs Elizabeth Whitworth only lived two and a half years after her dearly loved son, and she died on the 9th May 1921, aged sixty-eight years.

The Whitworth family had three children baptised at St Helen's Church, Etwall.
Their daughter, Grace, was baptised on the 5th August 1888.
Their baby son, William Arthur, was baptised on the 24th January, 1894, and was buried on the 27th January, 1894
The following year, their dead baby son's names were given to another baby son;
William Arthur Whitworth was baptised on the 10th of November 1895, and survived, only to be killed in the War at the aged 23.

The 1891 Census records are: Main Road

William Whitworth, Head, Married age 37.
Elizabeth A Whitworth, wife, Married, age 38.
Grace Whitworth, daughter, unmarried, aged 2

The 1901 Census records are;

Village Blacksmith William Whitworth, Head, married, age 47
Elizabeth Whitworth, wife, married, age 48
Grace Whitworth, daughter, unmarried, age 12.
William A Whitworth, son, unmarried, age 5

William Arthur Whitworth is commemorated on the family grave in St Helen's Churchyard, next to the far Churchyard wall.