Walnut Cottage
61 Main street

Terry Adams April 2008

Surveyors estimate, plus type of brick suggest that Chestnut Cottage was built in the 1870s.

In the 1970s a single storey flat roof extension was built to the rear of the cottage to accommodate a kitchen, pantry and bathroom.   In 1994 the bathroom was moved upstairs and the pantry combined with the kitchen.

A further extension to the kitchen was added 2007, a utility room plus cloakroom was also added.   On the first floor an ensuite bedroom was added in a gables extension with balcony.

The cottage is a white painted brick building with black bargeboards, string courses of different designs with dormer windows.

Footings excavation works in 2007 revealed a Victorian water tank.

The current occupiers (in 2008) Peter and Pamela Price, relate that they have heard that the building had formerly been a dairy, there was a milk pit in the current living room.   The house may also have been connected to the old blacksmiths on Blacksmith Hill.  The original site is believed to have been partitioned in the 1970 when the now demolished “Broadlands” and “Pandora” were built.

In the early 1950s, I understand that Olive ( Hudly ?), one time radio actress, lived in the cottage.   She and a Mr Nash were well known figures in the area as they went round the local villages selling vegetables from a horse and cart.  One old villager tells me that he thinks that Olive was one of the radio family “The Huggets”