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On the 9th November, 1889, Emma Allsebrook, aged 21, daughter of Richard Allsebrook, (dec) farmer, married William Statham, aged 26, labourer, son of Joseph Statham. 

The 1901 Census for Etwall records their family as

Portland Street Etwall. Statham; Waggoner on farm 

William, aged 37, born Etwall
Emma, wife, 31, born Hartshorn.
Alice M, daughter, 10, born Etwall.
Wilfred, son, 8, born Burnaston.
Joseph M, son, 6, born Burnaston, attended Methodist Sunday School, 1904,1905
John, son, 3, born Etwall. Attended Methodist Sunday School, 1904,1905.
Reginald  Allsebrook, born Etwall. Attended Methodist Sunday School, 1905

Two more sons were born after the Census of 1901, Alfred, born in 1905, and Harold, born in 1907 and christened in St Helen's Church, Etwall, on the 11th, August,1907. 

StathamLonguevalJoseph died in the War, aged 21.

Harold married Caroline Gray, who was the cook at Etwall Hall and had his own sons and daughters. His son, John Statham, lives in Melbourne, Derbyshire, but has no memories of his uncle Joseph. He does remember seeing, at his grandmother's home, a postcard sent to Emma, from France, which she treasured, but unfortunately it has disappeared with the passage of time.

Young Joseph Statham was another victim of the Battle of the Somme, in 1916, and he shares his resting place with over three thousand others who gave their lives in that prolonged and desperate battle.

He is commemorated on the family gravestone of his brothers, John, and Reginald Allsebrook in St Helen's Churchyard on one of the side panels.