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Hollingworth & Sons

The Hollingworth family came from Stenson House Farm, Ticknall, around 1936-37 and moved to a small farm opposite the present Toyota site, working for Sid Robinson of New Close Farm. They then rented Lodge Farm from Peter Thorne of Etwall Lodge, later purchasing it from him.

John Hollingworth c. 1950

Originally, milk was delivered by bucket and can, until about 1948 by means of a three-wheeled bike.


The bottling of milk at Lodge Farm began. The rounds required additional milk to be bought in and the round also supplied vegetables, poultry and game from local farmers.


Milk supplied by Dale Farm was delivered to the door in crates


The business became Hollingworth and Sons, with rounds extending from Etwall to Hilton and Hatton and deliveries soon running to about 1,000 gallons a day. Additional products were added including soft drinks, pet food and compost

David Hollingworth with nephew Martin c. 1969


David’s son Simon helping with deliveries aged 12


The Business was bought by Express Dairies and run under their name, which resulted in the loss of many local customers. Hollingworth’s did pick some customers up and still operates one round every day.


Terry Cooper on his round
 Terry worked for Hollingworth’s for about 25 years.

JDR was established about 1980, initially as a grocer’s shop in Newhall, buying in from Birmingham market and supplying pubs and restaurants. This developed into the present business which brings produce from local and overseas sources to provide its “fresh-pak” products to catering companies. The packing and cleaning are carried out in a unit behind Lodge Farm.

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