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Frank Gregson (Brother)


Harold Gregson was born in Etwall, the son of Arthur Gregson and Elizabeth, his wife. Arthur Gregson was a bricklayer, as were several of the Gregson family of Etwall.

Baptismal records in St Helen's Church record the births of the Gregson children.

1879, 23rd February, Emily, daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth Gregson.
1883, 2nd December, Annie, daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth.
1888, 19th February, Frank, son of Arthur and Elizabeth.
1890, 6th July, Harold, son, and Fanny Babel, daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth.

Fanny Babel died aged twenty months, in 1892, and was buried on the 5th March.

Harold Gregson died on the 16th May 1918, and like his brother, he lies buried far from home.