19 Willington Road

Terry Adams - November 2008
Based on information from Dr & Mrs Williams.

Before modern windows were fitted one pane of glass, possibly original, was engraved with the characters ‘1837’, a date which fits in with the design of the house. This would have been a little grand for an agricultural labourer of those days but the presence of pigsties and kennels in the rear garden indicate that it was excessively up-market. The house has been the home for many years of Dr and Mrs Williams and they have attempted to achieve a modern efficient dwelling within the original design and materials.

A conservatory was added to the rear in 1965.

R.H. Osborne’s Etwall in the 1930s  notes that “Albert Hawkins, Retd Landlord  of the Spread Eagle, would cut men’s and boys’ hair in the back kitchen of his house on the bend of Willington Road facing the present day Oaklands Road”. The author confirms that the house was No 19.

In the 1980/90s a bungalow was built  on part of the garden to the rear of the house .